Data Zipper


It’s simple. You go to a suspect’s PC and need to grab the Documents and Pictures, but the standard location of where the documents are has been changed! You want to know what folders he’s accessed last and grab them too. Oh, and by the way – you want his favorite web sites he’s booked marked and his cookies….How do you grab them all at the same time? And then zip them up?


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DataZipper can run from a thumb drive. And when you get back to your office, DataZipper allows you to extract the data without requiring your machine to have WinZip.

So this current version has the following key features are this:

* Finds where your ‘My Documents’ are stored
* Finds where your ‘My Pictures’ are stored
* Adds some basic Window’s RegEdit information
* Add custom folders (You can drag and drop folders and files in this Window too)
* Grab MRU folders and files
* A hide button to make the program disappear and re-appear when you click on the ICON (look where the system time is).

Configure your settings before leaving the office and then use an Autorun file (autorun.inf) to automatically launch the program. Makes grabbing files simple and fast!

Additionally, you can use this application to move your files back and forth between your computer.